Classroom Amazon Wishlists

What is Amazon Wish List? Amazon Wish List is a gift registry, where staff can create a wish list of things that might make their teaching experience year a little easier and better for their students.  We appreciate any support you can give. 

Pre-K and Kindergarten 

  • Joanne Burrows

  • Kim MacMillan

  • Amanda Miranda (Pre-K)

  • Julie Morrison

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

  • Karen Cross

  • Betty Paolella

  • Victoria Richardson

  • Deanna Van Houten


  • Kelly Bartnicki

  • Erin English

  • Kathleen Erbe
  • Vilmary Hernandez

  • Brandon Karlock

  • Patricia McCarty

  • Tara Postigo

Self Contained

Please note that these are voluntary personal transactions, with no involvement from the district or school administration; items purchased are strictly gifts from families to the teachers. Also note, the PTO contacted all of the teachers for requests, and the list above reflects the responses we received.

Please send any questions to, and thank you!

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