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Globalympics is a voluntary, creative, geography program, run by the Cucinella PTO, available to students in grades K-3.  An independent, at home geography course, with informal testing done at school.   The student progresses, at his or her own pace, from one level to the next.


The goal of Globalympics is to be a fun, educational adventure to boost your child’s knowledge of the world we live in. Globalympics will expand young minds, building knowledge and confidence.  The students can feel proud as they complete each level successfully. 


There are 5 Achievement Levels (Click on link for test pages):

                     Level 1 – Bronze

                     Level 2 – Silver

                     Level 3  - Gold

                     Level 4  - Ace

                     Level 5 – Geoquest


All new participants to the program (regardless of what grade they are in) will begin at Level 1, the Bronze level.  Once that level is achieved, the student independently progresses to Silver, Gold, and then to Ace.   All students proceed at his/her own pace.  It is not a race, it is meant to be fun and challenging.  Students who have already participated in Globalympics will pick up where they left off last year.  Each student has their own card to keep track of progress and this card follows them from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. 


Geoquest, or Level 5, is designed for students to work independently at home to find the answers to the Geoquest questions.  The student will conduct research through a variety of tools such as library books, encyclopedias, and the Internet.  They will write their answers on the Geoquest sheet and hand the answers in to the Globalympics coordinator for their classroom. The Globalympics coordinator will then contact the Chair, who has the answer sheets.   Answers will be checked and returned to the students.

Students must successfully answer 10 out of 12 questions for each Geoquest Challenge Level. 


-Challenge Level 1   North America

     -Challenge Level 2   Asia

     -Challenge Level 3   Africa

     -Challenge Level 4   Europe

     -Challenge Level 5   Oceania

     -Challenge Level 6   South America


Students can choose any level to work on, but the levels are designing to be more challenging as you progress through them sequentially.   

For more questions and answers about the Globalympics program at Cucinella, please open this link  "What is Globalympics?"  These pages should answer many questions about the Globalympics program for testers, and parents whose child is participating in the program.  If after reading this, you still have further questions, please reach out


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