Friday Folder

We will be using the Friday Folder as a weekly method to send school-specific information. The nature of these notices will include forms, notices, general school information, etc that would normally be sent home with your child.

This "green" initiative is to save money on paper and reproduction, and better serve our environment. This method also allows us to streamline communications and limited multiple email notifications, all while housing our information in one spot for easy access.

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1/4 - Board of Education Meeting 7:30-9:00 PM

1/10 - Spirit Day

1/10 - General Membership Meeting 7pm (meeting link)

1/17 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (school closed)

1/20 - Courtyard Garden Planning Committee Meeting 7pm (Meeting Link)

***Looking ahead

2/21 - President's Day (school closed)


Cucinella Cuisine Cookbook​

Family PTO Membership 2021-2022

Staff PTO Membership 2021-2022

Fundraisers and Events!

Courtyard Garden Meeting

Thursday, January 20th @ 7pm

If you are interesting in attending please RSVP to Sarah at


Meeting Link:


The school and Garden Club of Long Valley have begun the process to design the area into a wonderful learning space for our students. Check out the website below for more information, to join the committee or donate through our Amazon Wish List.


We are looking forward to bringing our school community together with this fantastic project!

Outdoor Structure Committee Recruitment 

 Help wanted! 

We are recruiting a team of volunteers to begin the planning process of our outdoor structure.   Email for more information! 

Boon Supply

Thank you for considering to shop the Boon Supply  catalogue for Kitchen and Household Items!

Teacher Grant Committee Meeting

Date and Time to be announced. Please consider joining us! Email for more information.


Teacher Appreciation Committee Sign Up

Reach out to Jen or Courtney at to join the group and share your thoughts on making things super special for our teachers during this school year!


Board Positions Needing Fulfillment

Fundraising Director and Treasurer, Board positions needed—Help us plan fun events to raise money for our students, staff and school community! Also we are in need of a volunteer who can help us to keep our accounts in check! 


Fifth Grade Celebration

The Fifth Grade Celebration is in need of chairs for this school year. If you are interested in planning a special end of year event for our graduating fifth grade class please email with any questions!

Fun Run Chairs Needed

The Fun Run is in need of chairs for the 2022-2023 school year. Are you interested in chairing a fun and exciting event to raise funds for our children? This job is for you! Please email with any questions!

Benedict A. Cucinella Elementary School

Nighttime with Nellie

Washington Township Schools (K-8)

2021-2022 School District Calendar
Board of Education Meeting Dates

Next Board of Education Meeting  11/16 7:30pm-9:00pm

November Board of Education Meeting - 12/14 7:30pm-9:00pm