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The PTO Board works with outside companies, in years past we've partnered with Scholastic and Follett Books, to provide a convenient, affordable way to grow their at-home libraries. This year we are partnered with Follett for an online only book fair.

What’s a book fair without a wide selection of books?

Follett Book eFairs for the school provide a new way for students and families to shop for books. They’ll find a variety of titles that reflect all interests and backgrounds. Students can browse recent releases by popular authors or add an old favorite to their shelves. You can expect to see 80% of the choices available in paperback and low-priced books so that every student can find something.

Reading develops language and vocabulary skills.

You can expect approximately 80% of your fair to be paperback titles from the biggest authors with a mix of timeless classics and tomorrow’s favorites. By age 5, kids who read one book a day will hear nearly 290,000 more words than those who don’t regularly read.1


Reading reshapes the brain.

Scientists have found that reading physically alters the brain. One study showed daily reading increased matter in the region of the brain that processes language.2

Reading for fun is on the decline.

In 1984, only 8% of 13-year olds and 9% of 17-year olds reported they didn’t read for fun. By 2014, those numbers jumped to 22% and 27%, respectively.3 We want to reverse the trend.

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