In December 2020, BAC students had an amazing assembly! Brent Daniels with Academic Entertainment presented, Virtual Music Technology. Mr. Daniels showed students the important relationship between the technology they use every day and the creation of the music and sounds they hear in movies, games, and the music in their lives. Students participated in this online program to help Mr. Daniels create unique on-the-spot sounds for an original track that raised the roof! Mr. Daniels also used Virtual Music Technology to deliver a very important message. He creatively explained that a student's education, great study habits, and positive decision-making are essential for their success in all aspects of their lives. This educational program was sponsored by the PTO and is funded by the fundraising events that are held throughout the school year. It is all possible because of your support so we want to say, Thank You!


To Learn More about Virtual Youth Move, visit Academic Entertainment

In October 2020, we welcomed Brandon Lee White to Cucinella. Through Academic Entertainment, Mr. White presented a "live" and interactive assembly Virtual Youth Move to our BAC students.  Brandon’s Youth Mover assembly delivered a high-energy, entertaining character education program for our students.  His presentation incorporated teamwork, character, courage, self-discipline, exercise and anti- bullying.  He inspired students to take ownership of who they are and equipped them to respond to difficult situations to be successful.  It was AWESOME!! 

To Learn More about Virtual Youth Move, visit Academic Entertainment

To Learn More about Mr. White, visit Brandon Lee White

The PTO Board works with the school administrators to research and find inspirational speakers and presenters that will educate and entertain our students.  

The PTO hold fundraisers throughout the year to pay for these assemblies.  We are fortunate to be able to fund three - four 

assemblies each school year; plus one author visit every two years. 

Some examples of popular presenters we've had in the past:

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